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Chris, a skilled hunter, receives a call for help from a large uninhabited villa. Once inside, he spots an aggressive creature, which, however, does not seem to suffer the effects of his rifle. 

In addition to that, the hunter perceives another entity, which he is unable to see. It is a little girl, trapped in the past, who desperately asks for his help. 

Will they be able to overcome all the insidious obstacles that hide inside the villa and free the girl from her temporal oblivion?


The Timeless Child is not just a 2-player cooperative first-person puzzle game. It's a tale about family, mystery, emotional ties, selfishness and time. 

Whether you play as Chris Hunt, a skilled hunter, whether you play as Emily Wells, a 10 years-old girl, you must collaborate with the other player in order to solve puzzles, which requires coordination and logic for their completion. 

You will embark in an emotional journey to save the little girl from her temporal imprisonment discovering the story and the mysteries of the Wells family through time and space travels.


  • Five different puzzles designed to test your logic and cooperation
  • Cooperative gameplay with innovative mechanics
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Lore and secrets waiting to be discovered

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fantastic game!!!! WOOOOW!!!